SHIROKUMA SAMOYEDS - Shirokuma in Japanese means "White Bear".

We hope you can find everything you need. SHIROKUMA SAMOYEDS is focused on providing high-quality Samoyed breeding and customer satisfaction. 
Samoyed Profile:  This breed is eager, loyal dogs that originated in Siberia. Samoyeds are known for their distinctive white coat punctuated by black lips that curl at the corners -"Samoyed Smile".  
Attitude/Behavior:  They are gentle companions that are sociable, family-friendly, playful and great with children. Samoyeds can be independent and stubborn at times. They are fast learners and reward-based training works best. This is the kind of dog that will become your best friend. 
Exercise/Nutrition:  Samoyeds enjoy walks, biking, running, or just playing. This working  breed love to exercise once a day. They are very clever, if they are not exercised they will become bored and may dig, howl or cause mischief. We use a fish based diet because of their heritage. 

No litters in the near future.

SHIROKUMA'S DIAMOND IN THE RUFF NATASHA OF NADIA - received 3rd Place in the 6-9 month old puppy bitch class in Futurity. Bred, Owned and Handled by Ann Marie Schroeder

SHIROKUMA'S ENZO FURR-ARI OF NADIA- Received BEST TAIL and 2nd Place in 6-9 Month Dog Class at the Louisville, Kentucky Samoyeds Of America Nationals. He was handled by Nathan Huenink. Owners are Nathan Huenink and Ann Marie Schroeder. 



       Mason City Kennel Club - Oct. 2012

Land O' Lakes Kennel Club - Jan. 2013
Duluth Kennel Club - July 2013

      Rochester Kennel Club-Sept. 2013
                Ribbons from above. 

    Wright County Kennel Club - Oct. 2013

April 2013 SPECIALTY
       First Place Bred By Exhibitor Bitch
    Greater Milwaukee Samoyed Fanciers

Winner's Dog - Two Points
 Winnegamie Dog Club - Jan. 2014

Three Points Major at Anoka County Minnesota Kennel Club - June 2014

    Park Shore Kennel Club - Jan. 2014
              4TH Three Point Major

What A Day!!!

Littermates Sophie, Lily and Koda win Best in Sweeps(Sophie), Reserve(Lily) and Best of Opposite(Koda) at the Samoyed Association of Minneapolis-St Paul Specialty under Ms. Mary Murphy-East - Aug. 2014

SHIROKUMA'S STARR SEEKER - Three Point Major at Northstar Working under Judge Mr. David Osborn Group Association - Aug 2014

All this on the same day!!!
Great job both Trista and Sophie.

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                    January 2013
  Nadia's Three Point Major in Oshkosh, WI

                      August 2013
Nadia's Three Point Major at Lake Elmo, MN
                    November 2013           
           NEW CHAMPION & 1st in Bred By
                Coulee Kennel Club

           Grand Champion Points
     Coulee Kennel Club - Nov. 2013
               Three Point Major (1st)

    Minneapolis Kennel Club - Nov. 2013
           Three Point Major (2nd)
            Judge Mr. Larry Machai 

    Land O' Lakes Kennel Club - Jan. 2014

      Winnegamie Dog Club - Jan. 2014

       Winnegamie Dog Club - Jan. 2014 
      Park Shore Kennel Club - Jan. 2014

      Park Shore Kennel Club - Jan. 2014
              Three Point Major (3rd)

Nationals 2013 - Dallas, Texas    

2nd - 15 months and up - Futurity and Puppy Sweepstakes

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